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Welcome to M2M Innovation World!

M2M Innovation World invites both IT and vertical industries to explore how M2M/IoT technologies transform business and create new business opportunities. At the intersection of new business models and technological innovation, the conference gives its 400 attendees new inspirations to innovate through:
– Lessons and opportunities of the most innovative M2M/IoT implementations in Industry, Utilities, Automotive, Retail, Smart Cities, Smart Homes, Healthcare…
– Insights on the disruptions and challenges of new IoT models, Data intelligence, interoperability, connectivity, security...

NEW! The co-located SMART INNOVATION SHOW provides the attendees an extensive set of learning, networking and business development opportunities. More on its dedicated website.

16 Sessions on the Agenda
Already 60 international speakers have confirmed and will be on stage to show how they innovate with M2M/IoT technologies.
Along 3 days and 16 thematic sessions in two parallels tracks, the hottest challenges will be addressed at tech and business levels. Some highlights:

The Geo-Location wave is here: Innovations with technologies such as Cell-ID, Sigfox, LoRa, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and more open up a large number of new use cases. And when mass geo-location meets big data, business opportunities are limitless.

IoT for Digital Tranformation: IoT will affect profoundly business models of enterprises. An executive workshop will give the keys to successful implementation followed by dedicated sessions reviewing in-depth implementations in Verticals such as Energy, Utilities, Smart Homes, Industry 4.0...

Building City as a service: Most inspiring smart cities worldwide share their experience of the new M2M/IoT platforms and services for public transport systems, public /touristic/cultural information, local retail, better use of energy, etc.

Connected Life:  The first day explores the next five years changes and challenges for connected consumers, citizens, employees, cities and smart devices. Keynotes from Bosch Software Innovations, Comarch, Machina Research, Cyient among others.

IoT disruptions, moving from vision to business: How to connect diversity to bring value to enterprise-wide IoT? Inspiring insights reply to the urge to rethink IoT/M2M ecosystems, business models and technologies in a universal, adaptable and scalable approach.

Security & trust, a top concern: M2M/IoT is not just about connecting things, it’s also about services and users. An in-depth review of technologies, tools and best practices to ensure both customers privacy and end-to-end security.


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What's in for 2015?
80 speakers from IT and vertical industries
400 senior level attendees
►3 days of conference plus Smart Innovation Show
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Led by Jim Morrish, Founder & Chief Research Officer, Machina Research, the Program Committee selects the presentations in tune with the industry needs.
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3-DAY CONFERENCE (Sept. 15-17)

M2M Innovation World gathers on stage 80 eminent keynotes and speakers to share the most inspiring cases, unveil the latest innovations, debate the hottest implementation challenges, source new business opportunities… After the Grand Opening on "Innovation for Connected Life", two parallel tracks explore the most innovative implementations driving growth in key verticals and the disruptions happening in business models and technologies. Some key features:

A lot more than just conference presentations: integrated to the Smart Innovation Show, multiple tutorials, hands-on, labs visits, demos as well as social events, business meetings…

Workshops and tutorials: Part of the conference program, the IGNITE | IOT Executive Workshop will guide you to implement IoT in the enterprise from opportunity identification to live operations

• Multiple bridges with the co-located conferences dealing with contactless and mobile proximity services, end-to-end security technologies, etc.

• Discover • Understand • Meet • Participate in Digital Transformation
The conference delegate pass includes full access to the Smart innovation Show activities.
►Full details at Smart innovation Show

Closely integrated to the conference, this new innovation hub dedicated to connected transformation adds multiple learning, networking and business development opportunities:
- A 50-booth international exhibition featuring numerous live demos
- Enriched live experiences of contactless on-site and downtown
Business meetings to efficiently connect suppliers and contractors, innovators and R&D
- Workshops and tutorials to update knowledge and get support from Industry leaders. Already on the agenda:
Cybersecurity trends for businesses,
Natural Security Alliance Workshop,
Beacons solutions for Smart Cities,
- Investment Forum Day:  40 innovators to pitch their project in front of VC, incubators, local partners...
- World Smart Week Awards: spotlight on the best applications  in contactless and other connected technologies.

Located in the old Port of Marseille, the France's second largest city, the Pharo Palace has proven both attractive and convenient while offering impressive views.
► More:  Travel & Venue
within World Smart Week
The Connected Innovation Summer Forum
Conferences & Innovation Show - Sept. 15-17, 2015 – Marseille, France

In addition to the 400 conference delegates, meet the professionals attending the Smart Innovation Show and the attendees of the 3 co-located conferences dedicated to contactless, e-ID and digital security:
• Smart Contactless World -  Proximity Services for Connected Consumers
• World e-ID & Cybersecurity  - Identity & Protection Services for Government, Mobility and Enterprise
• Connect Security World - Technologies for Trusted Mobility & Transactions
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2014 Edition
2014 conference figures:
370 participants
80 speakers
18 thematic sessions
2.5 days of conference & exhibition
1480 World Smart Week participants
Missed 2014 conference? Get the slides!
70+ presentations by M2M market leaders
2014 proceedings
"Let's "IoTize" M2M Industry and Verticals"

The second edition of M2M Innovation World showed the dynamism of the M2M services and their ecosystem boosted by the disruptive power of the Internet of Things. With 370 participants, +42% compared to previous edition, and a line-up of 80 speakers, the conference has indeed kept its promise to deliver inspirations to innovate for all the value chain stakeholders.
The "IoTization" of companies and M2M processes was the opening theme and main thread of the conference. While the "traditional" M2M world applied to Energy, Industry, and Automotive innovates through IP and data-centric models, Big Data, defragmentation..., the wave of the Internet of Things also opens up M2M to new verticals such as Retail, Smart Cities, Smart Homes, Healthcare.  
Another highlight, the "Industrial Internet" was at the centre of the exchanges thanks to the introductory workshop built with Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC). The "Connected Life Day" also met success. This full day with two parallel streams was dedicated to the Internet of Things latest applications.
As a part of the 1480-participant World Smart Week, the 2014 edition has also built fruitful bridges with co-located conferences on NFC and other proximity technologies, e-ID and digital security.

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